SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Review: A Wireless Mouse Nearly Done Right

steelseries aerox 3 wireless review
steelseries aerox 3 wireless review


Our review of the Aerox 3 Wireless has been split up into multiple different sections:
The Great, The Okay and The Not So Great. Each one of these sections will outline different aspects of the A3W and provide my personal experience, as well as how it has performed.

The Aerox 3 wireless does have some great features that make me really like the mouse, but it also has some aspects that should be improved, though the average user might not mind.

Let’s get started!


Aerox 3 Wireless Review

SteelSeries have been fairly quiet when it comes to the lightweight mouse market, until recently, with their brand new Aerox 3 Wireless. They’ve brought a new mouse which should be considered, despite some flaws. It has a great shape for claw and fingertip with medium to large hands, it’s 67 grams and wireless, has golden micro switches rated for 80 million clicks which are pretty crispy, my unit had solid build quality and there’s even more mentioned below.

Due to me liking the XM1, I was excited to get the A3W due to it seemingly having a similar shape, and that excitement was worth it in the end. It’s good that SteelSeries has opted into the lightweight wireless mouse market, it adds another option for people and comes in at 100$ MSRP.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Specifications 

Size LxWxH120.5mm x 57mm x 37.5mm
Weight67 grams
SensorThe PixArt TrueMove Air sensor
CableSuper Mesh USB-C 
Feet4 Black Dyed PTFE 
Number Of Buttons6
Warranty1 Year
Stock Wireless CapabilityYes
Main SwitchesGolden Microswitch 80ms

The Great

The Shape

Aerox 3 Wireless Review Shape

The stock shape is safe meaning good for claw and fingertip if you have medium to large hands, if you have small hands this mouse should be ok for palm, I’d recommend the GPW/GPX over this mouse if you use palm grip.

The main buttons are low which I like, the hump is towards the back-centre of the mouse making claw feel great but doesn’t fill the palm that much, the sides do have a sharp flare but then go pretty flat so I actually found it quite comfortable for claw and fingertip personally. For me, I’ve found it even competing with the shape of the XM1r, which is one of my go to mice, this actually surprised me a lot as I wasn’t really expecting anything to compete with it.

The shape of this mouse also incorporates some honeycomb design on the top and bottom, assumably to reduce the overall weight, fortunately there are no holes on the sides so it’s very easy to get a comfortable grip.


  • SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless: 120.5mm x 57mm x 37.5mm
  • EndGame Gear XM1r: 122mm x 62mm x 38mm
  • G-Wolves Hati S: 113mm x 61mm x 40mm

Shape Comparisons

Aerox 3 Wireless vs XM1r

Aerox 3 Top shape comparison vs XM1r for review
Aerox 3 vs Xm1r front angled shape comparison for review
Aerox 3 vs XM1r side shape comparison for review

Aerox 3 Wireless vs Hati S

top view shape comparison hati s vs aerox 3 for review
Front Shape Comparions Aerox 3 vs Hati S for review
Side Shape Comparison Aerox 3 Wireless vs Hati S for review

Build Quality

The build quality on my unit is great, only potential issue is bottom flex, but that isn’t a problem for me as it has never affected me during use. There’s no rattles, creaks or flexes anywhere other than the bottom on my unit.


Aerox 3 Wireless Sensor position for sensor section review

The A3W utilises the ‘TrueMove Air’ sensor, which is supposedly designed for wireless performance. Personally, I haven’t had any issues with input delay or latency, tracking felt accurate and I haven’t had any spinouts. You can use the mouse via a 2.4Ghz  USB dongle and there’s also Bluetooth capability., I currently have 1 other wireless mouse on my desk which is the MOW, and I haven’t had any interference issues. One thing that’s worth mentioning is the sensor position, it was a little weird at the start, but I did get used to it with more time.

Battery Life

The battery life on the A3W is great, it’s rated at 80 hours with the 2.4GHz connection and 200+ hours for the bluetooth connection, I am very happy with it and have had no issues here. The battery lasts longer than the Model O Wireless but not quite the GPX.
For my personal usage, I have been able to use the mouse for around a week before absolutely needing to charge, so well done here SteelSeries. The mouse also goes into ‘idle’ or ‘sleep’ mode after a set amount of time, which helps save the battery, but instead of turning on when you swipe the mouse, you need to click the main buttons for it to wake up. I don’t mind this, but if you’re used to a mouse just waking up, it may be a little odd.

The Main Buttons

Main buttons utilise Golden Micro 80ms, for me they felt like light-medium clicks with minimal pre-travel but a fair amount of post travel, on my copy the post travel wasn’t too bad and I found the buttons usable but I’ve seen it a lot worse on other copies. They’re tensioned well, provide some tactile feedback and are crispy. But, they don’t come without flaws, there is some pretty big wobble on the M2 when force is applied specifically to make it wobble.

In regards to their physical feel, the buttons have slight comfort grooves which felt good, there are some honeycomb cut-outs at the top of the button which may affect some people, they didn’t annoy me though. In terms of consistency, they’re fairly good, the switch actuation area is evenly spread out and sound difference is minimal. I do think It’s worth mentioning that you can’t change the debounce via software unfortunately, so would like to see that feature implemented. Overall, I do quite like the main buttons, there is room for improvement though

The Okay

The Aesthetics 

Aesthetic Photo 3 Aerox 3 Wireless Review

With the A3W, they’ve implemented 3 RGB zones, it looks alright to me. I think if you look at it from the bottom the RGB looks great but from the top it looks just average. I do like the underglow though, it looks really clean in a dark room.


In regards to the software, you can install it, personalise your mouse and then delete it. The A3W has on-board memory which is nice to see. In the software you can customise: battery saver settings (sleep timer & illumination dim timer), a ‘High-efficiency mode’, Macros, keybinds, CPI from 100-18000 in steps of 100, the setting to turn RGB off when mouse is moving, polling rate, acceleration, angle snapping and RGB. So, you get a lot of customisation in the software, but there are some things missing like the LOD customisation and debounce and no battery percentage. I think these features are quite important and  SteelSeries should add them in. Overall, I am happy with the software, it’s easy to use.

The Coating

The coating is average, not bad but not great either, I found it to be grippy enough to the point my hands didn’t slip but I wasn’t blown away when feeling it. I still prefer the XM1 coating over this any day. The A3W coating has a sort of similar feeling to the RVM and Pulsefire Haste, both more than usable coatings, just nothing that special about them. It also didn’t pick up any noticeable oils or fingerprints, so that’s a plus. 

The Packaging

Aerox 3 bottom packaging for review
Aerox 3 Packaging contents for review
Aerox 3 Top Packaging for review

The mouse comes in standard packaging with graphics showing what you get in the box and more info in regards to the mouse. The accessories which you get in the box are: the usb dongle + receiver and the cable. No grips or replacement feet, this was a shame, I think at the very least replacement feet should be included, even if the feet aren’t great. It’s more to add to that ‘value for money’ aspect. Asides from that, the unboxing experience is average, though I personally think unboxing experiences don’t matter too much.

The Not So Great

The Feet & Glide

It uses 4 black dyed PTFE circular mouse feet. To put it simply, they’re not great, the feet are too thin and I could hear the base of the mouse scratching on my mouse pads. This was one of my main issues with the mouse, fortunately it’s easily fixable with some aftermarket skates. Most companies are now using white PTFE feet, I think SteelSeries need to update the A3W and follow along.

The Side Buttons

Side buttons are meh. Nothing spectacular. I would’ve liked them to be a bit bigger and also lighter, at the moment they’re a bit awkward and not the most enjoyable to use. They’re on the mushier sides of things too, though they do provide some tactile feedback and are usable. I would much rather them be more similar to the XM1r side buttons or the Burst Pro’s. In regard to pre-travel, both side buttons have minimal pre-travel, but post-travel on M5 is noticeable and more than I’d like. They’re still usable in game. I just think they can 100% be improved which will make the mouse feel better. 

The Verdict

Aerox 3 Wireless Review

SteelSeries have produced the foundation for a great mouse, it has a lot of positives about it, but there is room for improvement.

Despite the flaws, I still really enjoy using the mouse, to the point where I do prefer using it over some of my other mice, so if SteelSeries updated it and improved on the aspects that needs improving, this mouse would be top tier.

With the Aerox 3 Wireless, you get some good main switches, a great shape for claw and good for fingertip with medium to large hands, good wireless performance, great battery life, good sensor and more. 

Next time, I’d like to see SteelSeries go for another small wireless mouse, preferably with white PTFE feet and some better side buttons. I think they have a really solid chance of having one of the best, if not the best, stock wireless mice on the market if they can make the needed improvements.

Can I recommend this mouse? Yes, due to me still enjoying my usage with the mouse and me being a big fan of the shape, I can recommend it. If you like claw or fingertip, want a wireless mouse which is light weight, need it to have bluetooth and don’t want holes on the sides, the A3W is definitely a good option to consider.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Positives

  • Great battery life
  • Great shape for claw and good for fingertip with my 19cm x 10cm hands
  • Overall solid build quality on my unit
  • Minimal Pre-travel on main buttons
  • Good sensor performance
  • Crispy main switches

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Drawbacks

  • Side buttons are too small and post travel on M5 isn’t great.
  • Sub-par stock feet
  • No debounce or LOD customisation
  • Wobble on main buttons

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Alternatives

If you’re interested in the Aerox 3 Wireless, it may be worth considering some other mice too, more specifically ones with a good shape for claw and fingertip

Premium Alternative: The Logitech GPW Superlight

Whilst the Superlight comes in at a higher price, it packs a lot more features and is a  more premium product. It’s wireless, lighter than the Aerox 3 Wireless, great shape for claw with medium/large hands and in my opinion it has better aesthetics.

Check out our Logitech GPW Superlight review here for more info.

(See also: Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical)

Similar Price Alternative: The Glorious Model O Wireless

This is one of my more preferred mice, like the Aerox 3 Wireless it’s great for claw grips, though a big difference would be that the MOW is quite a bit larger so you’ll need to take that into account..

If you’re interested in another wireless mouse other than the Aerox 3 Wireless, it’s definitely worth checking out the Glorious Model O Wireless.

You can see our Glorious Model O Wireless review here for more info.
(See also: Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical, Razer Viper Ultimate)

Cheaper Alternative: Logitech G305

Known for the egg shape, the Logitech G305 has a big fan-base, yes it needs some modding to be optimal but it’s a good cheap alternative. Coming in at around $50, it’s also heavier at 89-99grams (which is down to the battery you use).

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