Glorious Model O Wireless Review: A Top-Tier, Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse

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glorious model o wireless review
glorious model o wireless review

Model O Wireless (MOW) is Glorious’ first wireless gaming mouse, it’s their entry to the growing wireless gaming mouse market and to their own style. They’ve priced the MOW at $80, which is extremely competitive considering top-tier wireless models from competitors such as the G Pro X Superlight.

Before the MOW Glorious or Glorious PC Gaming Race has released two shapes, both with two different sizes. Their lineup has the Model O (ambidextrous) and the Model D (ergonomic), and then both at a smaller size; Model O- and the Model D-. The units that I’ve got have some quality issues, so one thing that was a question mark for me on the Model O Wireless is build quality.

Their lineup is equipped with good tech and modern features, such as good cables, good mouse feet, good enough sensors, and main button switches. All the mice have good looking RGB and are available in black and white colours.

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

Model O Wireless Specifications

Sensor: BAMF Sensor (Pixart PWM 3370 with custom Glorious SROM)

Main button switches: Omron 20M

Weight: ~69 grams

Mouse feet: Glorious G-Skates (100% Pure PTFE)

Default DPI steps: 400 (yellow), 800 (blue), 1600 (red), 3200 (green)

Charging cable: USB-C Glorious Ascended Cable (2m / 6.5ft)

Warranty: 2 years

Software: Glorious Core


Glorious Model O Wireless Review Packaging

The packaging of the Model O Wireless is quite minimal, product stickers, manuals and a quick start guide is available, but no extra mouse feet for example. These days it’s quite common for manufacturers to provide extra mouse feet with the mouse, so it would’ve been nice for Glorious to do that as well.

The Good


Glorious Model O Wireless Review Shape 1
Glorious Model O Wireless Review Shape 2
Glorious Model O Wireless Review Shape 3
Glorious Model O Wireless Review Shape 4

Shape is the most important thing in a gaming mouse when you are considering in-game performance. The Model O is an ambidextrous mouse that’s 128mm long, 37.5mm high from the highest point of the mouse which is located in the middle part. The mouse is also 59mm wide in the middle section, 61mm towards the front end of the mouse and 6mm from the back flare of the mouse.

It’s quite a low profile mouse that’s well suited for hand sizes over 17cm / 6.7in, but it should be noted that even people with smaller hands can like this shape, as some people just do prefer larger mice. There are slight comfort grooves on the buttons which I do find very nice in terms of general use and gaming. Larger hands can use any of the standard grip styles with the mouse (claw, fingertip and palm grip), whereas medium sized hands and smaller might struggle with a palm grip.


The BAMF sensor is basically the 3370 sensor with custom Glorious SROM. The sensor was chosen because of it’s extremely good power-saving features. Not only is it very efficient for wireless gaming mice, it’s also very good in terms of gaming performance. There is no acceleration, no smoothing and basically little to no input lag. Logitech and Razer has always had the best wireless technology, and that does not change with the Model O Wireless, but MOW is not exactly far off.

I tested the mouse extensively against my Wired Model O, and I could not really tell if the MOW was slower than the wired version, which is the main point of wireless gaming mice, they are meant to feel as responsive as wired mice. Sensor performed exceptionally well on multiple surfaces, no issues on any of my mouse pads.

In the future we will most likely see the 3370 on multiple wired and wireless products, as the sensor does provide improved performance to most older generation Pixart sensors. If you can feel this performance increase in an in-game situation is debatable.

General quality

The build quality is surprisingly excellent. There is absolutely no rattle when you shake the mouse, no flex on the sides, bottom or the top of the mouse. In hand the mouse just feels very well built. The coating is still the standard Glorious matte coating, and it’s definitely not the grippiest surface I’ve ever tested. It’s still good enough, and I haven’t experienced any issues with my grip. Previous mice have had glossy coatings available as well, but for now Glorious does only offer the matte coating on their wireless Model O. For most people I would recommend getting the matte version, so I don’t see this as an issue myself. Shell construction has been improved a lot since their initial models, which had issues with creaking and flex. They felt very cheap compared to the Model O Wireless. I am impressed by what Glorious has done with the build quality!

Glorious Model O Wireless Review Feet Slides

The mouse feet on all Glorious mice are the same. The Glorious G-Skates are 100% pure PTFE feet and they glide well on most surfaces. They are definitely not the best feet I’ve ever tried, but top feet anyway. The glide is smooth and fast on all my mousepads.


Glorious Core software has good configuration options for the Model O Wireless. You can customize the DPI or CPI stages in steps of 50. Lift-off distance is customizable with 1mm and 2mm settings, click debounce time can be set between 0 and 16ms in 2ms steps. I would not recommend using the 0ms debounce setting, as that can cause double clicking on some samples. The lower the debounce time the better the click latency, basically you should use as low debounce time as possible, without experiencing double clicking issues.

Available polling rate steps are 125hz, 250hz, 500hz and 1000hz. Higher polling rates will decrease battery life, but you should always use the highest polling rate setting possible for the best performance; Don’t worry about battery life here.

You can also reassign all of the buttons on the software and also control the RGB. There are 8 modes for the RGB and in most modes, you can customize the colours, the speed, and the brightness of the lights. If battery life is something you want out of your wireless gaming mouse, I would suggest disabling or dimming the RGB lights.

The Okay


The main mouse buttons on Model O Wireless are easy to actuate and still feel tactile. The clicks are also responsive which makes them very good for gaming. These are easy to spam click if you play for example MOBA games where you really need to spam those mouse buttons when moving your hero or champion. There is very little pre-travel on either one of the clicks, but there is noticeable post-travel. Post-travel is needed to some extent to keep the clicks feeling soft, which is important in many competitive games. All in all I would say that the main click feeling is really good, especially compared to some of the older Glorious mice that I’ve tried. There is little to no side play on the main buttons when forcing some side movement, and none whatsoever when you use the mouse in a real scenario.

Side buttons are well placed for my grip style, it’s very easy to click either one of the buttons without moving my thumb. The buttons are some of the smallest side buttons I’ve seen and that might bother some people. The click feeling is good, there is some post-travel on both the buttons, but nothing that really ruins the experience.

The scroll wheel has tactile steps, the scrolling experience is nice for web-browsing and gaming. Scrolling is buttery smooth and easy, which makes it feel a bit cheap. The scroll wheel button click is well tensioned, it requires enough force to not accidentally click it, but it’s still easy to actuate.

Overall I am very happy with the buttons the Model O Wireless, Glorious has come a long way from their earlier products, which had quality concerns in terms of click feeling.

Battery life

Glorious does claim that the Model O Wireless has the highest battery life among high tier wireless gaming mice, the battery is measured to last 71 hours with RGB disabled. In my experience I have to charge the mouse every 3 days with high usage each day. Charging the mouse is convenient with the USB-C charging cable, so just to be safe most people charge their wireless gaming mice nightly.

Without any extensive testing, the battery life is not as good as on the Superlight and the Viper Ultimate. The charging experience is also worse, when compared to the Razer charging dock.

The Not So Great

Quality Control

Glorious has had issues with quality control in the past. The build quality on my unit is pretty much perfect, but other owners have had issues with main button click feeling, side buttons and the scroll wheel for example. So I feel the QC for Glorious is still sort of a question mark. I believe it has improved a lot with the MOW, but it still does not match the more premium manufacturers.


Glorious Model O Wireless Review

Model O Wireless is an extremely good mouse that’s available for cheap compared to other top tier wireless models. The wireless performance is good, the shape is good and the build quality is good. There isn’t much to complain about, if I really were to nitpick I could use a better scroll wheel and crispier side buttons, but that’s pretty much it.

I had my doubts about the sensor performance and I wasn’t sure of the Wireless Tech that Glorious could provide. My doubts were proven wrong though, and the mouse really is a top-tier performer. Recently Glorious released a firmware update to the MOW, which improves the performance and fixes some bugs regarding the sensor precision that some people were experiencing. Newest Glorious Core version is 1.0.8 and after updating to that version the software does notify the user of the available MOW firmware, highly recommended to upgrade to the newest firmware versions on ANY gaming mouse.

Model O Wireless Alternatives

The Model O Wireless is really the only option in this price range if you are considering a high tier wireless gaming mouse, but here are few other products you could think of:

Logitech G305 is very good for the price. The mouse is sold for ~40 EUR in Europe, and about $47 in NA. It’s not as high tier regarding build quality, but it has even better wireless tech than the Model O Wireless and is just as performant in-game. I myself even prefer the G305 shape over the MOW shape.

Logitech G PRO X Superlight is a premium wireless mouse with high tier tech. It’s got the best battery life out of current wireless gaming mice, the lowest weight at around 60 grams, and a very all around shape for different hand sizes and grip styles. It’s the significantly higher price is a downside though, as the mouse does cost 160USD and 160EUR respectively. View our review of the G Pro X Superlight here.

Razer Viper Ultimate has the best wireless tech and the best sensor for wireless products. It also comes with a charging dock that’s very convenient to use. The shape is similar to the Model O, but it’s smaller and better suited for me personally

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