Best RAM for Ryzen 9 3900X Builds

Best RAM for Ryzen 9 3900X
Best RAM for Ryzen 9 3900X

So you plan to pick up the most powerful consumer CPU ever, the Ryzen 9 3900X, and wonder which memory to pair it with; or you already got the CPU and RAM choice is overdue? Look no further because here at PremiumBuilds we’ve done a strong analysis of which memory modules will pair well with the 3900X in order to let it stretch its legs for the best performance.

Memory impact on Ryzen performance

Memory choice is important for your system because a wisely chosen kit of RAM will provide many performance benefits and build consistency. Getting a memory kit that allows Dual Channel is the most important but so is the clock, latency, overall compatibility and sometimes, even looks. Good RAM enables but is not limited to:

  • Better and more consistent minimum FPS due to the speed in access times during gaming. Improvement can be drastic.
  • Better average FPS, especially in Ryzen’s case.
  • Improvement for workload applications and general system responsiveness.

Some of you may also know that the Ryzen line of CPUs are more RAM dependent than Intel’s counterparts; this is because of the architecture design AMD chose for their CPU line. Long story short, the first and second generation of processors have their cores connected to a high-speed interconnect called Infinity Fabric that works at half the memory clock; so if you RAM is set to 3200MHz, the Infinity Fabric will have a data rate of 1600MHz. This is also half-true for Ryzen 3rd gen (Ryzen 3000) but even if by default, the Infinity Fabric speed runs at half the memory clock, it can be decoupled and further tweaked to improve performance.

How much RAM you need for different use cases

Its best to know the uses of your build in order to choose the right amount of memory you need so you never run out at the most delicate moment. There are three large categories in which most builds can fit and they are the following:

  • Everyday office PC
    • If you are about to build a PC that will suit your browsing and office work with multimedia and optionally some soft gaming on the side, such a 2019-2020 office PC would need either 8GB (2×4) or 16GB (2×8) of RAM. The reason is that 8GB is still enough for such a build but you may want the 16GB for some future proofing and because RAM prices are great now.
  • Gaming PC
    • If you aim is primarily gaming and heavy gaming then the amount of RAM needed doesn’t necessarily need to sky-rocket; you will be totally fine with 16GB of RAM (2×8) which is also the current sweet spot. There’s still no game that will get bottlenecked by 16GB of memory but if you’re a gamer that also does some streaming on the side or you are a self-published YouTuber who also wants to edit/render/post some content and recordings then you may want to opt for 32GB of RAM (2×16 or 4×8) for peace of mind.
  • Production PC
    • The last but not the least is the category where RAM requirements get wild. If you have specific use cases such as home server, RAW footage rendering workstation or work with a lot of machine learning/deep learning applications then you need to inform yourself how much RAM those applications need in your case. This category will need anywhere from 32GB to 128GB and upwards of RAM.

Finally, my recommendations on the best RAM for Ryzen 9 3900X systems

The Ryzen 9 3900X can be used in any type of PC from SFF/ITX small PCs to ATX large towers; its a great CPU that needs good RAM to unleash its potential. We will split this section as well in the aforementioned categories used above and we will be looking at the best budget memory kits, best value&performance kits and dream RAM (the best looking & performing kits). We will provide the current prices at which you can get these kits but keep in mind that they are likely to change over time. All the following recommendations are dual channel configurations (to maximize performance).

Best RAM for Ryzen 9 3900X Everyday office PC Builds

For the best value and performance:

Best looking & performing kits:

This section doesn’t really make sense for an Office PC.

Best RAM for Ryzen 9 3900X Gaming PC Builds

On a budget:

For the best value and performance:

Best looking & performing kits:

Best RAM for Ryzen 9 3900X Production PC Builds

On a budget:

Best value and performance:

Best looking & performing kits:


We hope that these sections were informative and further solidied your decision to get the best RAM for your build. There are certain components that don’t need to be neglected when building a PC and memory is definitely one of them; these little sticks can make or break a build.

As a final reminder, we intentionally recommended only RAM kits that can be used in Dual Channel memory configurations. Having a pair of RAM sticks makes a great impact on the performance of your build thanks to the doubled bandwidth when compared to only one stick. Differences in applications can be huge and in gaming, performance uplifts will range from 10% to 40%+ in a variety of games. Ideally, no new build should be crippled with single channel RAM – always use Dual Channel especially with a High-end CPU like the 3900X.

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