Best Power Supplies for Intel Core i5-11600K

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best psus for i5-11600k
best psus for i5-11600k

The Intel i5-11600K is a gaming focussed CPU from the intel rocket lake lineup with fantastic performance and good value. Whilst it is quoted with a 125W power draw (TDP) it is in fact capable of drawing more than this in short bursts or heavy all core workloads. This demands a solid power supply to ensure the whole system gets sufficient power under heavy loads. You’ll want to pair this CPU with a Z590 motherboard to allow overclocking, and they tend to have additional CPU power sockets with 8+4 or even 8+8 in some instances. These are designed to allow overclocking of the most demanding CPUs in the Intels range. Whilst it’s not necessary to populate these additional sockets for an i5 CPU, doing so ensures maximum power availability to the CPU power stages and can also help the aesthetics of the build if that matters to you!

In balancing gaming performance with cost, you’ll likely want to pair this CPU with one of the latest Graphics Cards, from the RTX 3060Ti, RTX 3070 and the RTX 3080; to the AMD offerings of the RX 6600XT, 6700XT or perhaps 6800 XT. We’d recommend that you assume 150W peak draw for the i5-11600K and add the TDP of the graphics card you choose. Adding 50% to the result will allow you to choose the wattage of power supply you need to ensure system stability and room for accessories or expansion in future. Remember: Picking a higher output power supply than you strictly need causes no problems except in cost. Choosing one with inadequate power output will lead to sudden system shutdowns and instability. For most GPUs, a 650W Power supply will be plenty. If you wish to use a 3080, 3080Ti, 3090 or RX 6800XT or 6900XT, we’d recommend a 750W power supply as a starting point. 

Finally, you might think this list is missing some big names from the likes of Corsair, Seasonic or EVGA. This is down to current market conditions: The best value PSUs currently come from lesser-known but equally capable brands that are often the OEMs for the PSU’s we’ve all heard of. We’ve carefully selected these power supplies and checked reviews and user experiences to ensure you’re getting the absolute best option for your money. 

In this article, we’ll take you through our picks for a number of PSU options for PC builds utilising the i5-11600K. We’ve taken cost, performance and likely usage case into consideration.

Best PSUs for i5-11600K – Our Recommendations

Best Bang-for-Buck PSU for i5-11600K

MSI A650GF 650W 80+ Gold

MSI may not be best known for their power supplies, having focussed on GPUs and Motherboards in the past. However, this unit, the MSI A650GF 650W 80+ Gold, has gained acclaim in reviews for its’ robust design, good performance and keen price. It also comes with an outstanding 10-year warranty indicating the confidence MSI has in the design and construction quality. It utilises all Japanese capacitors and uses the modern standard DC-DC topology. Electrical testing shows excellent voltage stability with minimal ripple, and it easily meets the gold standard efficiency standards. The fan is a quiet and high-quality design with a fluid dynamic bearing to keep the noise down even under load. It has fully modular cables which are flattened for easier routing, and of course, you only need to fit the desired cables to keep your PC as clean looking as possible. It is supplied with just one 8 Pin EPS (CPU) power cable, and two PCI-E sockets, so ensure that meets your needs for power connectors before purchase. MSI has clearly given careful thought to their entry into the competitive PSU market, and this quality and performance is a fantastic deal at $85. 

Best High Performance 750W PSU for i5-11600K

Enermax Revolution D.F. 750W 80+ Gold

If you’re looking for a rock-solid PSU to run an RTX 3080, RX 6800 XT or RTX 3090 then the Enermax Revolution D.F. 750W 80+ Gold fits the bill perfectly. This 750W Gold efficiency rated PSU supplies ample power for the most demanding GPUs when used in combination with the i5-11600K. All the premium features you’d want are there: All Japanese capacitors rated to 105°C, Fully modular design, DC-DC secondary side circuitry and the full suite of protections. It comes with 2 PCI-E cables and 3 sockets, allowing it to power all but the most demanding single GPU setups with ease. It’s got a few neat features including a ‘Dust free’ button that raises the fan to maximum power, in reverse, to pull dust out of the unit as a maintenance task. It performs excellently under load testing with minimal ripple and strong transient load performance which is particularly important when powering high-end Ampere Graphics cards like the RTX 3080. A five-year warranty provides peace of mind. If you want some additional headroom for overclocking or potential future upgrades this unit will serve you well for years to come. 

Best White PSU for i5-11600K

SuperFlower Leadex III ARGB 750W

When you’re planning a build around aesthetics PSUs can be a tough choice. The engine room normally sits unloved in the basement and doesn’t really look like much. For white or show builds, Super Flower has a unit with some bling to match the Performance with the Leadex III ARGB 750W. Crucially the underlying PSU is excellent, being based on the Leadex III. If you haven’t heard of ‘Super Flower’ don’t be put off. They manufacture power supplies for a huge range of better-known brands and have a rock-solid reputation. This unit has very good electrical performance, a modern design, and a full suite of protections. A large 130mm fan keeps noise to a minimum whilst the ‘eco’ semi-passive mode stops the fan in low load situations. The Unit itself is white, but sadly the cables are black, however, in a show build you will undoubtedly want to replace them with custom cables or extensions that complete the look you want. Uniquely this power supply has clear plastic connector sockets illuminated by RGB, as well as an RGB illuminated fan. Combined these offer a power supply you can be proud to put on display, whether it’s fully exposed in an open case design or shown via a window in a power supply shroud. Whilst the $119 price tag is slightly higher it’s a small premium to pay for a white PSU with an additional bling factor and the underlying power supply is high enough quality to justify the price tag.

Best SFX PSU for i5-11600K

Cooler Master V SFX Gold 650W 80

Cooler Master has really stepped up with their first SFX power supply, the Cooler Master V SFX Gold 650W 80+. This diminutive unit packs 650W Gold efficiency into a palm-sized product. All of the features you’d expect are here, like 100% Japanese capacitors, a high quality 92mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, fully modular cables and impressively there’s a 10-year warranty as well. A full suite of protections is included (as they are on any power supply we recommend at Premiumbuilds). Fan noise is kept to a minimum – it doesn’t run at all at light loads, and whilst it can spin fast above 80% load the fan design means it remains unintrusive. Electrical testing shows that the design is solid, with good performance especially considering the price. It also includes a full ATX bracket, allowing you to carry this PSU forwards into larger builds in future, or perhaps use it in cases like the NZXT H210 where a smaller power supply greatly aids airflow into the case. Overall this power supply is a great option and at an attractive price now that the ‘default’ options of Corsair or Silverstone units are hard to find in stock and often inflated in price.

Best Budget PSU for i5-11600K

Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 650W

If you’re looking to maximise your budget but don’t want to compromise on quality then the Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 650W is a great option for the Intel Core i5-11600K. This Gold rated semi-modular PSU is a modern and capable design based on the Seasonic Focus Gold platform. Reviews point to strong electrical performance and whilst transient response isn’t the best in class, it’s more than acceptable at this price point. It has a full suite of protections in place including overcurrent and thermal protection, to prevent damage to your PC if anything is wrong either with the power supply or the system itself. We have personal experience of this unit having used it in our test bench for nearly a year now. It has powered the most demanding systems under stress test conditions without an issue. The permanently fixed ATX, CPU and PCIe power cables are no issue since you’ll require them in even the most basic systems, and you can add more cables as your build requires. The unit is quiet in operation (but not silent) and the power supply itself is small at just 140mm in length meaning it isn’t awkward to fit in more compact ATX or mATX cases. With a 7 year warranty, this unit is a solid, dependable and high-performance option that saves a few dollars in exchange for being semi-modular. 

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