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LOUQE Raw S1 Overview: What Are Its Features?

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Recently announced on Twitter, LOUQE’s Raw S1 is a compact case promising to be more capable and slightly larger than the Ghost S1, their last case offering. Continuing the Swedish company’s history of high-quality, form-factor cases, the Raw S1 sports an aggressive finish sure to attract some new heads.

Their previous cases are some of the most popular choices for Mini-ITX builds around thanks to their premium materials and minimalist aesthetics. From early images and specs, the new LOUQE Raw S1 offers an increase in size without compromising on much of anything.

The design is reminiscent of the Corsair One, as both are small, thin, vertically based cases. Among the key differences between the two is that LOUQE’s Raw S1 is fully customizable rather than prebuilt. It is also a unique blend of minimalist aesthetic, aggressive sizing, and premium materials. With a clear focus on performance and cooling, it should be a powerful option for gamers interested in clean aesthetics without compromise.


LOUQE recently released the Raw S1’s specifications on their website, allowing builders to finally get a look at what exactly can fit in this case. The volume of this case is the same as the Corsair One at 12 L and shares a similar profile. For comparison, LOUQE’s previous entry, the Ghost S1, has a volume of 8.2 L and sits horizontally.

Dimensions (H x W x D) & Volume379 x 172 x 191 mm, 12L
Supported Form FactorsSFF, Mini ITX, Tower (Sandwich layout)
Supported Fans120mm (back), 140mm (top)
GPU SupportTriple-slot up to 145 x 65 x 320 mm
Maximum CPU Cooler SizeUp to 75mm
Drive Support1x 2.5” slot (SSD/HDD), NVME
I/OUSB-C / Type-C extension



The new RAW S1 promises full gaming PC power in one of the smallest chassis currently available. Its thin, minimum aesthetic is also unique; the popular Corsair One and Ghost S1 are two of the only other thin cases of this size. Outside of these options, it is rare to find other models that can also support powerful components. In an already limited category, LOUQE aims to situate itself as the best option.

Aesthetically, the Raw S1 has a unique look that blends a modern style with aggressive, “gamer”-esque patterns and details. Red details on the interior, sand-blasted aluminum, and interesting cooling lines accentuate the look. However, most of the build is a simple sheet of aluminum. LOUQE has masterfully balanced these aesthetic choices with performance thanks to small features like a floating top plate and uni-body construction. It is extremely similar to the Corsair One in size, while their designs differ dramatically. Both are slim, vertical cases that are 12 liters in volume that can fit almost anywhere.

An important note: the Corsair One case is only available in prebuilt configurations, severely limiting GPU and CPU options. Meanwhile, the Raw S1 will support most graphics cards and CPUs on the market thanks to its construction. The Raw S1 is a more subtle design than the Corsair One, opting for simple sides and vents instead of the Corsair One’s LEDs and large vents. Instead, the Raw S1 looks much closer to its smaller brother, the Ghost S1. There are almost no markings or features on the outside of the case. In fact, the front only features one small button for power, and I/O options are limited to a single Type-C placed on an angled panel.

As for looks, the Ghost S1 is most similar. In fact, it looks quite a bit like the same case stood vertically if a few inches were added all around. This is not an issue; the design of the Ghost S1 is a major selling point for many buyers. However, people who were not fans of LOUQE’s last offering are unlikely to change their minds here.

Thermal Performance

Despite its unique design, the case’s thermals do not suffer. LOUQE has tested temperatures in the chassis with two different GPUs. Using the 3D-mark Firestrike extreme benchmark, the Nvidia RTX 3080 FE (2-slot) reached 70 °C with the case closed. In the same test, an EVGA RTX 2070 FTW3 Ultra (3-slot) reached just under 60 °C. The Raw S1’s ability to fit 3-slot graphics cards is a nice step-up from some competitors. It supports triple-slot GPUs up to 145 x 65 x 320 mm in size. For comparison, the Ghost S1 fits dual-slot GPUs up to 143a x 45 x 305 mm.

This increase in size can be found across all specs comparing the two cases. CPU Heatsink height support also increases from 66 mm in the Ghost S1 to 75mm in the Raw S1. This is, of course, largely thanks to the extra 4 liters of volume that the Raw S1 comes equipped with. It is important to note, however, that it is still an extremely small case.

Considering the total size of this offering and its support for some of the largest graphics cards on the market, thermal performance holds up extremely well. There are not many fan formations – only two fans can fit in the case – but it is clear that airflow was a major consideration during design.

Additional Features

The LOUQE Raw S1 comes packed with other features and qualities. Its uni-body aluminum construction promises extremely high durability. This is great for when the case moves around – an easy to execute task thanks to the included carrying handle on the top of the chassis. While most builders will not get much out of the inclusion, the Raw S1’s size does make it ideal for LAN parties. Plus, the handle is almost impossible to notice while the computer is sitting there, so it does not affect the aesthetics at all.

It also comes equipped with a PCIe 4.0 riser for easier building and customizability. This is a great feature to compliment the unique way to build in the case; the entire interior can be pulled out of the frame for building. While hot-swapping components will still prove difficult, it is a nice quality-of-life upgrade over their previous Ghost S1 case.

Overall Placing


The Raw S1 is a unique offering for those who want a small, minimalist, and vertical computer case. Its unique and simple design is sure to go with almost anything, and the focus on performance and fit shines through. It is a simple design – one that will not appeal to everyone, however. Fans of the Ghost S1 will likely enjoy this case as well. Otherwise, those looking for a beautiful case with nice aesthetics and nice quality of life choices will still find a good option here.


The case is not without its issues, however. The I/O inclusions are pitiful; only one Type-C port is hard to justify or use outside of the most limited case. It can fit three-slot GPUs of quite large sizes, but the biggest on the market may still not fit. Finally, although thermal performance does seem good in LOUQE’s in-house tests, real-world trials must be done. It is still a compact case; cooling and performance will always be worse than in a traditional tower.

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