Best Z590 Motherboards for Intel Core i5-11600K Builds

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best motherboards for intel i5-11600k
best motherboards for intel i5-11600k

With a MSRP of $275 and currently retailed for less than $260, the Intel Core i5-11600K represents a very good offering from Intel in both gaming and multithreaded scenarios. AMD still has the slight performance advantage with its competitor chip, the 5600X, but at almost $50 more than the 11600K we can say that the Intel chip definitely has the upper hand in the value department – as long as you find a great Z590 motherboard for your 11600K. We’ve reviewed and tested a wide range of options in order to let you explore the full feature set of 11th gen chips at every price point.

Best Motherboards for i5-11600K – Our Recommendations

Best Value Motherboard for 11600K

MSI Z590 A-Pro

The MSI Z590-A PRO is an entry-level Z motherboard that can be easily recommended in 11600K’s case thanks to its good cost for feature set. You can easily overclock the 11600K on this board and the VRMs will easily take it without overheating while the I/O is not the best but very solid for the price and plenty enough for the average user; the BIOS is highly configurable and can be easily used to set voltage, clocks, adjust features and even control fan curves to your desire.

For a gaming platform that can also do productivity work, the Z590-A PRO punches well above its weight and proves that its possible to get all the benefits, latest features and PCIe 4.0 speed for a fraction of the much more expensive boards out there. Currently retailing for ~$180 it certainly doesn’t offer half of the features of $350 boards.

Best Gaming Motherboard for 11600K

Gigabyte Z590 GAMING X

Gigabyte’s boards seem to deliver each and every generation with very well thought-out propositions for any user out there. Introducing the Gigabyte Z590 Gaming X, which is a midrange offering that targets users looking for gaming specific features that won’t break the bank. With a great 12+1 VRM phase power delivery, no less than 3 x M.2 slots, various customizations for lighting and a solid 2.5 GbE controller, it seriously punches above its ~$200 retail price point.

It has a clean brushed aluminum design on a black themed PCB with ambient LEDs around the corners. It has great support for various types of RAM through their updated QVL list and very good I/O consisting of no less than 7 x USB 3.2 ports one of which is a Type C, Display Port and no less than 6 x SATA ports displayed in the characteristic “X” layout.

At ~$200 you can clearly see where the $20 over the previous Z590-A PRO motherboard went so we can easily recommend it for anyone that’s budget conscious but still wants to have a great looking and featured board.

Best Overclocking Motherboard for 11600K

ASRock Z590 PG Velocita

If you’re looking to push your 11600K CPU to the max as well as not sacrifice any headroom your chip might have, then the ASRock Z590 PG Velocita is a solid choice for your 11600K system. It looks very stylish and is built from quality materials while maintaining a logical and clean layout.

Here’s a few top end features that you will get from this mid-highend price board: a 12+2 phase VRM that can handle any type of overclock, great audio quality, 3 x NVMe slots + 6 x SATA slots, plenty RGB headers, two GbE one of which is 2.5 G/s, strong WiFi 6E, a display debug system and a great GPU mount system that will help your card eliminate sagging. The AsRock Velocita is not only a good overclocker but also probably the only high end motherboard you’ll ever need for Intel’s whole 11th gen lineup (yes, including even the 11900K), its that good.

Best WiFi Motherboard for 11600K

Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Elite AX

For those of you that are interested in building a portable focused PC or if your only means of network connectivity is the WiFi signal then look no further, the Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Elite AX is the board for you. The WiFi 6E enabled motherboard follows a professional and simple black and silver color scheme with a tasteful RGB LED Aorus logo built into the bottom right chipset heatsink. A 12+1 phase VRM gives you plenty of options to push your 11600K as far as you want.

In many ways, this board is similar with the Z590 Aorus Gaming X while losing one M.2 slot in favor of a WiFi 6E module and subjectively better styling thanks to less bling and more consistent layout. We find the ~$220 price of this motherboard as suitable for the refinement and features you are getting.

Best Mini ITX Motherboard for 11600K


We would never forget about the customers who want their PCs to be tiny portable powerhouses. The Gigabyte Z590I AORUS ULTRA is a gorgeous and practical board with a plethora of great features fitted in a very small footprint; it also looks great with its neutral black and grey theme that can be successfully used alongside a wide range of hardware customizations.

Memory support is great and good RAM can easily be tweaked to 4000 MHz. It has an integrated I/O shield, a high end 10+1 top of the shelf VRM configuration and a GbE 2.5 G/s port. I/O is also plentiful, so generous that you now don’t need to make the sacrifice over much larger ATX boards; there’s also a WiFi 6E module that provide wireless connectivity and a Q Flash switch that can aid in tweaking any BIOS features. Thermal management is incredibly important in such a small footprint board and the Z590I does not disappoint, reaching a max of 82 degrees during overclocked stress testing. If you decide to go for a small ITX build then the Z590I AORUS Ultra should definitely be on the top of your list.

Best mATX Motherboard for 11600K

Asus Prime Z590M-Plus

There isn’t a wide selection of Z590 mATX boards to choose from even though it acts as a good middle ground between the small Mini ITX form factor and the standard ATX. At a current ~$170 retail price, the Asus Prime Z590M-PLUS acts as an entry level model but provides the majority of features needed on an 11th gen platform. The silver/black color scheme of both the layout and PCB feels midrange but somehow solid looking.

If space is a concern and you’re in the market for a smaller PC, then mATX is the way to go, especially with this motherboard and an i5 11600K. The 12+1 phase VRM, 4 x USB 3.2 one of which is a Type C and an additional 4 x USB 2.0 is plenty I/O for such a small size board. The Z590M-PLUS provides an affordable way of getting into 11th gen features territory.

Best 11600K Motherboard for White Builds – ASRock Z590 Steel Legend / WiFi 6E

ASRock Z590 Steel Legend WiFi 6E

Many of us know the hassle of going for a white-themed build; its so hard to find the right components and correctly match colors without either compromising on performance or having to spray paint the components. This board, the ASRock Z590 Steel Legend / WiFi 6E, may have a weird combination of white, silver, black and gray accents but in reality, it works very well because almost all the dark parts will be covered by your components, letting the silver and white shine between your components; this board also comes with a tasteful RGB LED setup that is bright and configurable and a GPU holder that fixes any GPU sag.

Out of the box, performance is great and in line with the other Z590 motherboards while you are not missing on any of the high end features of the 11th gen chipset. This card may not be cheap at ~$220 retail but it punches well above its price point and makes possible the creation of white themed builds which is a great option in our books. The only drawback we can see when compared with its competitors is the lack of dual LAN which may or may not be a deal breaker for you. You can have the Z590 Steel Legend either with or without a WiFi 6E module for wireless connectivity.

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