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Best Monitors for RTX 2060 Super Builds

Best Monitors for RTX 2060 Super Build

The RTX 2060 launched in July 2018 to great Fanfare: With 8Gb Ram and enhanced boost clocks this GPU became the go-to card for ‘entry-level’ RTX GPU’s. I say ‘entry-level’ in guarded terms because the reality of this GPU is that it’s a phenomenal performer even at 1440p (QHD). It would be a crying shame to squander its capability with an inadequate monitor. The RTX 2060 SUPER is capable of 1080p at very high FPS for an e-sports or competitive FPS build, a high FPS all-round gaming build at 1080p, or great performance for a 1440p system. In this article, we’ll guide you through a range of monitors focussed on those criteria to ensure that you make the most of the power on offer from this fantastic GPU.

Monitors: IPS, HD, QHD, G-Sync, TN, response times, WHAT?!

Monitors are one of the most important but sadly also the most often overlooked part of a build. All too often we see people prioritising CPU’s, fast ram and an expensive GPU but falling back on that monitor they’ve been running for years, assuming that a screen that works is good enough. At we say NO to this practice! A monitor is a vital part of the experience whether you prioritise gaming or content creation. It is one component of your PC you look at literally all the time and it dictates the visual output quality of the whole system. Finding the right monitor can feel like a minefield of jargon, conflicting reviews and difficult choices. We’re here to cut through the noise and demonstrate to you the very best monitors currently available.

Without deep-diving into the nuance of all the technical specs (You’ll no doubt do this yourself as a conscientious monitor purchaser) we’re making recommendations based on the best options in each segment – without breaking the bank. If you’re settled on the excellent RTX 2060 Super as your GPU then a monitor needs to provide excellent value for money. We’ve scoured the web for the very best mid-range monitors available to ensure you get the most out of your GPU. Broadly speaking, competitive FPS/E-Sports players will prioritise frame rates and response time: A full HD TN panel is likely to best serve those needs but it needs to be a reasonable quality one to provide adequate colour accuracy. For all around use, frame rate is still important but an IPS or VA panel can better balance gorgeous visual reproduction with a 144hz frame rate. If you need more screen real estate then the RTX 2060 super is quite capable of driving a 1440p monitor and providing a great gaming experience – so we’ve sourced a fantastic IPS option that will excel in gaming as well as content creation and general workspace use. Finally, Ultrawide displays are coming to the fore, and whilst we don’t consider the RTX 2060 super as quite powerful enough to drive a QHD (1440p) 21:9 ultrawide, it will excel with our lower resolution choice and save hundreds at the same time.

So, on to our RTX 2060 super monitor pairing recommendations.

Best Monitors for RTX 2060 Super – My Recommendations

Best 240hz high-FPS Gaming Monitor for RTX 2060 SuperAlienware-AW2518HFAlienware AW2518HF25"
Best Ultrawide Monitor for RTX 2060 SuperLG-34WK650-WLG 34WK650-W34"
Best Budget 144hz 1080p Monitor for the RTX 2060 SuperMSI-Optix-MAG241CMSI MAG241C24"
Best 1440p Gaming Monitor for RTX 2060 SuperAsus MG279QAsus MG279Q27"

Best 240hz high-FPS Gaming Monitor for the RTX 2060 Super

Alienware AW2518HF

Dell has done great things with the Alienware brand when it comes to monitors. The designs are angular and modern, and yet won’t look out of place in a home office. This 25” TN panel, the Alienware AW2518HF, offers the very best experience for competitive gamers at an affordable price. It incorporates all the technology you need to enjoy a fast, fluid and competitive gameplay experience. The 240hz panel means that in games where such high FPS is achievable you’ll see 40% more frames than opponents with 144hz technology. The AU Optronics developed TN panel ensures minimal pixel response times and Freesync technology, now available to Nvidia GPU owners, syncs the frame refresh to minimise tearing. There’s also a G-Sync version available but at a $100 premium, we’d argue it’s not worth the additional spend unless you consider G-Sync a must have option.

If you’re looking at this monitor then odds are you’re a competitive gamer who values every frame: It’s worth making sure that your core system uses a powerful CPU such as an i7-9700K, i7-8700k or a Ryzen 3600X to squeeze every last frame out of the game.

Best Ultrawide Monitor for RTX 2060 Super Builds

LG 34WK650-W

The RTX 2060 SUPER is perfectly placed for all-round gamers, people who need a larger workspace and in particular for sim enthusiasts – be it racing or flight this GPU has plenty of grunt to provide attractive visuals without breaking the bank.

For Sim use we at are big fans of an ultrawide monitor: They provide wide cockpit views on a single monitor be that for driving or flight. Whilst 3440x1440p monitors take as much GPU as you can afford, a 2560x1080p monitor is a perfect pairing with the RTX 2060 Super. The slightly lower pixel density matters less when you’re sat that bit further from the monitor thanks to a wheel or flight control set up.

For this purpose, we recommend the affordable and catchily titled LG 34WK650-W. Whilst it isn’t full of bells and whistles, it absolutely nails the core specs: IPS, 34”, 2560x1080p resolution and blessed with HDR10 and LED backlighting. Whilst it’s limited to a 75Hz refresh rate Freesync helps keep things smooth (and sims rarely run to very high frame rates in any event as the CPU churns through model data to provide a realistic experience). Its 34” size ensures an immersive wrap-around experience, and don’t be put off by the pixel count; the upside is a monitor that’s well within the RTX 2060’s capabilities meaning that all game styles will play fluidly. Finally, the price: at under $400/£400 this monitor fits well into the budget for a mid-range gaming system based around the RTX 2060 – it’ll do you proud.

Best Budget 144hz 1080p Monitor for the RTX 2060 Super


If you’re more of an all-round gamer and want a stunning looking monitor, the MSI MAG241C is well worth considering. It’s significantly cheaper than the 240hz Dell Alienware and moves to a VA panel to ensure better colour accuracy and deeper blacks. A 144hz refresh rate and FreeSync that works well with Nvidia display adapter ensures a smooth, fluid gaming experience and no screen tearing. The MAG41C incorporates a number of technology such as 1ms ghosting reduction – but you can select it if you want it or not. The curve may be off-putting to some, but we recommend you try one first hand before you dismiss it: a curved monitor fills peripheral vision nicely and provides an immersive experience. After experiencing a curved monitor, you tend to start noticing monitors that are flat instead! Driven by the RTX 2060 Super this monitor will provide an excellent gaming experience across all game types for years to come and it’s currently available for under $200/£180

Best 1440p Gaming Monitor for RTX 2060 Super Builds

Asus MG279Q

QHD or 1440p is the current sweet spot for all-round gaming and productivity: It provides gorgeous visuals but demands literally half the pixel fill rate of 4K from a GPU, making it an affordable goal for most gamers. The additional pixel count makes for sharp text and a more versatile workspace when you’re focussing on work or productivity. An RTX 2060 Super is more than capable of fantastic performance at 1440p, and if you’re the kind of gamer who enjoys AAA titles, RTS or RPG games and wants the best balance of performance and cost-efficiency, this is the route we’d recommend.

At this resolution we’re looking for an IPS panel and FreeSync Adaptive sync technology – if you’ve settled on an RTX 2060 Super then you’re unlikely to want to spend out on the full G-Sync experience which is at least £100 more and better suited to the next tier up of Nvidia GPUs.

The Asus MG279Q has all the features you’d need at this price point and will fully utilise the RTX 2060 Super. With a QHD IPS display capable of 144hz refresh, and Freesync (albeit limited to 48-90hz) will smooth the frame rate in the core output range. 27” gives the QHD resolution space to shine, the pixel density is ideal at this monitor size for crisp visuals. It has a discreet professional design language and the stand allows height adjustment as well as tilt and swivel. Incorporated speakers are useful even if it’s just for youtube videos – if you mainly game or listen with a headset, then speakers in the monitor prevent additional spend and desk space given over to stand alones just for the odd occasion you want audio out in the open.

As an all-rounder for AAA gaming, Strategy and sims as well as providing ample screen real estate for actual work this monitor is an excellent option to pair with an RTX 2060 Super build in 2020.


Best 240hz high-FPS Gaming Monitor for RTX 2060 SuperAlienware-AW2518HFAlienware AW2518HF25"
Best Ultrawide Monitor for RTX 2060 SuperLG-34WK650-WLG 34WK650-W34"
Best Budget 144hz 1080p Monitor for the RTX 2060 SuperMSI-Optix-MAG241CMSI MAG241C24"
Best 1440p Gaming Monitor for RTX 2060 SuperAsus MG279QAsus MG279Q27"
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