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6 Best 32” 4K Monitors for 2021

Finishing off a nice PC with an equally fantastic high-end monitor is an essential step in completing the tech package. Preparing for the future inevitably means choosing a monitor with a 4K resolution, often at a large size perfect for a variety of tasks. 32” monitors are a sweet spot for single monitor setups, where there is enough screen real estate for almost any task without taking up too much room on the desk.

Plus, at 32”, a 4K resolution makes the most sense. Even a 1440p monitor may look blurry and have low pixel density up close at the 32” size. Upgrading to 4K assures that the monitor will serve you well for years to come. Of course, this means that some good hardware specs are required in the computer. Especially for 4K gaming, a multi-GPU setup or a nice card like a 2070 Super is basically a requirement. Finding a monitor at 32” and 4K resolution with a refresh rate over 60Hz is almost impossible; that is important to consider for FPS or competitive gamers. While you will see significant gains in resolution, some quickness will suffer.

With that said, most 32” 4K monitors are great for multi-tasking, gorgeous gaming, and screen viewing. Let’s take a look at the best 32” 4K monitors on the market now to compare 2021’s options.

Buying Guide

There are a few categories to consider when looking at 32” 4K monitors. Given the requirements for resolution and size, however, some other options quickly become limited. In general, while shopping for a monitor, it is important to consider panel type, budget, and features. Most 32” 4K monitors share similar refresh rates, contrast, and brightness; as these areas only see minor changes, it is best to think of other reasons why one may be better than another.

Panel type changes can directly influence colors, viewing angles, and general image performance. Monitors fall into one of three main categories: TN panels, IPS panels, and VA panels. At 4K 32”, most panels are TN, though IPS panels are gaining popularity. VA technology is generally reserved for larger screens like televisions, although not always. IPS panels often feature great responsiveness, something new to the tech. However, they also tend to feature less contrast than TN panels in favor of deeper colors. TN panels are common, and most monitors on this list use this tech. Here, you can expect a good mix of quality mixed in with some side effects like reduced viewing angles and occasionally off colors.

Budget-wise, most 32” 4K monitors range between $600 – $1000 depending on what kinds of features the monitor includes. People looking for USB-C power connectivity, AMD FreeSync, and more image modes are likely to need to pay more.  These features are another essential consideration with monitors; every option listed here has good image quality, but things like color gamut and HDR tech can vary between them. Consider what is most important to you and your workflow.

Best 4K 32″ Monitors – Our Recommendations

Monitor NameDesignPanel TypeFeatures
ASUS VA32UQLEDMultiple HDR 10 modes, 2W speakers, AMD FreeSync
Samsung UH850QLEDAMD FreeSync, Fully adjustable
LG 32UN880-BIPSErgo stand, USB Type-C
BenQ EW3270ULEDUSB Type-C, AMD FreeSync
AOC CU32V3LCDFlickerFree, Curved
LG 32UL500-WLEDAMD FreeSync, HDR 10


The ASUS VA32UQ is a fantastic mid-budget offering from ASUS that hits all of the notes for 32” 4K monitors. Focused on versatility, the VA32UQ features multiple HDR10 modes – one for gaming, another for cinema-quality visuals. The gaming HDR mode still boosts colors and contrast while not decreasing performance otherwise, while the cinema mode focuses entirely on picture quality. Switching between the two is a nice benefit that is unique to ASUS products.

ASUS focused heavily on picture quality while creating this monitor rather than extra connections. AMD FreeSync, Shadow Boost, Flicker-free Tech, and Eye Care are all packed into the monitor in combination with the multiple HDR modes. 95% DCI-P3 color coverage also comes with the monitor for bright and vibrant colors. Outside of picture options, the monitor’s features are sparse. 1x DisplayPort and 2x HDMI ports come standard, and ASUS includes stereo 2W speakers as well. While serviceable, people who enjoy nice audio will still likely want an upgrade. No USB-C connection means that connecting other devices to the monitor is impossible. Still, for anyone looking to upgrade their current monitor to 4K in 32”, who does not need any extras, the picture quality offered by ASUS is tough to beat.

2. Samsung UH850

Samsung’s UH850 is one of the best 4K 32” monitors on the market today. It features a number of fantastic options and features for business and creative uses. While not focused on gaming, it can hold its own against some of the other heavy hitters on this list as well. Chief among its features is the monitor’s color accuracy and black equalizer. It includes 1.07 billion colors, 125% of the sRGB space, and 20 different dark values to adjust between. The calibration settings allow for details even in dark images and scenes, making this monitor perfect for gaming, image and video editing, and movie watching.

The refresh rate on the monitor is a respectable 60Hz – while serious gaming, especially FPS play, will want a higher refresh rate, it is enough for most 4K gamers. It also includes AMD FreeSync tech for use across any number of applications. Combined with the monitor’s Flicker-Free Technology, using Samsung’s offering should be easy on the eyes.

I/O and included ports on the UH850 is expansive as well. Four USB ports are on the side of the monitor, with two supporting fast charging for mobile devices and laptops. Visual ports include two HDMI inputs, a DisplayPort, and a Mini DisplayPort all hidden away comfortably on the back of the monitor. The Samsung UH850 has a sleek, modern look with thin bezels and a nice stand that can be replaced with a VESA mount as well. Thanks to its great color accuracy and port selection, it is a higher-priced item than some others on this list.

3. LG 32UN880-B

The LG 32UN880-B has a lot going for it. As the only IPS display on our list, it features some of the best color accuracy and viewing angles of any monitor out there. Combined with a 3-side borderless design, USB Type-C connectivity, 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, and extremely customizable ergonomics, this offering from LG is one of the top of line 32” monitors out there. Key to putting this monitor over the top is its IPS panel, allowing for a larger gamut of colors. When combined with the screen’s high resolution and HDR capabilities, it is a perfect monitor for viewing and working.

Ergonomics clearly played an important role in designing this offering from LG. The monitor stand uniquely clamps into the desk for extra pivot and swivel capabilities, resembling an after-market stand. It allows for the 32UN880-B to extend and retract, rotate a full 90°, and swivel in all directions up to 280°. Thankfully, the stand also clears up space on your desk, allowing extra room while avoiding awkward times when you must move it. Its IPS panel supports viewing angles up to 178° in all directions along with 350 nits of brightness for easy use.

Gamers will likely want to look elsewhere; this offering from LG has a relatively slow 5ms response time, while most other 4K monitors are 4ms or below. Notably, the 32UN880-B does support AMD FreeSync and HDR10. Truthfully, however, this monitor is best for those looking to upgrade for work or color accurate work.

The included ports on this monitor are more than enough for most people’s needs. With USB Type C connectivity up to 60W available, you can plug in and charge most devices, or hook up a separate laptop to the monitor. Two more USB 3 ports are also comfortably included on the back – right near the 2x HDMI ports, single DisplayPort, and Headphone Out jack. LG has managed to produce one of the cleanest and most high-end 32” monitors on the market today with a unique mix of features.

4. BenQ EW3270U

BenQ has been a featured name in gaming spaces for quite some time now thanks to their low input monitors and esports sponsorships. Finding their products in large sizes like 32” can be difficult, but they had made an offering through the EW3270U. Featuring the company’s classic sharp-edged and gamer-themed aesthetics, BenQ has toned it down to a comfortable level for this model. The EW3270U is meant to serve as a media experience center, amplifying movies and TV shows and long-use sessions.

This 4K screen includes a number of options and settings to make the screen more vibrant or comfortable to use over long periods. This makes it one of the best options at this size for gaming or media. AMD FreeSync is fully supported, and reviews report that NVIDIA’s G-Sync works with some minor configuration. BenQ’s low blue light filter and flicker-free technology are also toggleable to reduce eye strain.

Although almost every 4K monitor at this size supports HDR10, BenQ introduces a new setting called Opt-Clarity to enhance it even further. This is another setting meant to improve eye comfort without affecting the picture on screen. Instead of dampening colors or reducing contrast, it aims to enhance brightness and contrast while reserving color temperature. Streaming is enhanced because of it, but this setting serves little purpose outside of that.

The EW3270U includes DCI-P3 95% for great color accuracy and expansive port options as well. While it does include a USB Type-C port, it notably cannot be used for power – only data transfer. However, connecting multiple devices and turning the monitor into a media center is easy.

5. AOC CU32V3

While most monitors at the 32” size with 4K resolution focus on additional tech to gain an edge, AOC decided on another direction for the CU32V3. Its included ports and connectivity options are basic, and the monitor is barebones in other ways such as a lack of speakers and AOC-specific tech. Instead, the monitor is most notable for its curved screen and high-quality screen. Buyers looking for a great deal on a large, curved monitor who do not need most bells and whistles are likely to enjoy this monitor.

The color options on this monitor are respectable, covering 89.9% of DCI-P3, 90% Adobe RGB, and 121% sRGB. A blue-light filtering mode can be enabled on the monitor for long night sessions, and flicker free tech comes standard as well. Brightness is relatively low at 250 nits, so those working in bright rooms may have trouble.

The nice 1500R curve of this monitor is its biggest feature, improving immersion and viewing angles for users. Curved screens also give the feeling of a larger workspace. The frameless design of this monitor also allows multiple to be connected for a full, cockpit-like feel. Rounding out the monitor is a 4ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate, putting it average for 32” 4K monitors. The lack of some features like USB-C and AMD FreeSync allows this monitor to come down in price as well, making it one of the better budget options available.

6. LG 32UL500-W

LG’s 32UL500-W is one of the cheapest 32” 4K monitors currently available. Despite the low price, it contains a number of great features and has received rave reviews from users, making it one of the best values available in this market. It comes equipped with AMD FreeSync and works with NVIDIA G-Sync after some configuration, as well as LG’s “Dynamic Action Sync” feature. Combined, this makes the monitor fluid and easy to use, even if the response rate is still a relatively low 60Hz. Anti-flicker technology rounds out the selection.

Visibility is great as well, with DCI-P3 at 95% accuracy and HDR10. The monitor is also bright at 300cd/m2 and features good contrast, especially for the price. As it is a budget 4K monitor, extra options like USB-C are missing, but the basic connections are all included. 2x HDMI ports and 1x DisplayPort mean that the monitor can be used for all modern gaming consoles and PCs, and a headphone jack could be nice in some niche uses. For those looking to get into the 32” 4K monitor space who are uninterested in a curved screen, this is one of the best budget options available.

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