4 Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitors for 2020

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best 1080p 144hz gaming monitors
best 1080p 144hz gaming monitors

Display technology is developing rapidly. Where just a few years ago it was quite expensive, and rare, to be able to opt for a high refresh rate, low response time IPS display, prices have continued to come down while performance has continued to improve, and quite drastically with respect to both.

Nowadays, you can pick up an excellent 1080p IPS gaming monitor for as little as $150. Although, you’ll also always have the option to spend significantly more for a wealth of the most cutting edge display technologies like adaptive frame syncing (G-Sync and FreeSync), insanely wide color gamut (color accuracy), and crazy low pixel response times with features like backlight strobing for the ultimate reduction in motion blur!

For today, we’ll be focusing not just on IPS, but 1080p 144Hz IPS. Despite the growth in popularity and demand for 1440p and 240Hz gaming displays as the different technologies continue to improve, the vast majority of PC gamers are still primarily using 1080p monitors. This preference stands to reason thanks to the significantly lower performance overhead of rendering games at a smaller resolution like 1080p. Simply due to the sheer number of pixels on screen, 1080p allows for much better performance from the same GPU than with 1440p or 4K. Thus, you’re able to achieve significantly higher frame rates with much less powerful cards. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best options on the market!

OLED vs LED vs IPS vs TN: A quick recap

There’s also more different display technologies than ever before: OLED (organic light-emitting diode), LCD (liquid-crystal display), LED (light-emitting diode), TN (twisted nematic), IPS (in-plane switching), and VA (vertical alignment), not to mention what’s on the horizon with technologies like MicroLED (micro/mini light-emitting diode) and QD-LED (quantum-dot light-emitting diode). The biggest problem, which starts to rear its ugly head with such a wide array of choices, is the fact that all of these different technologies have their respective pros and cons: varying levels of brightness, black levels, pixel response times, refresh rates, viewing angles, and contrast ratios. So to avoid confusion, we’ll just be taking a look at arguably the most coveted and well-rounded option: IPS. Historically, gamers would almost exclusively opt for TN panels due to their ability to achieve ultra-high refresh rates over all other display types, but pay the price in doing so with poor color/picture quality and shallow viewing angles. Thanks to the aforementioned development of display technology, however, we see competitive refresh rates and pixel response times on nearly every type of panel for equally competitive prices, especially for IPS. So, gamers rejoice, as no longer are the extreme viewing angles, deep blacks, and stunning picture quality of IPS panels restricted to graphic designers and home-theater televisions.

Best 1080p 144Hz IPS Gaming Monitors – Our Recommendations

Best Entry-Level 1080p 144Hz IPS MonitorAOC 24G2AOC 24G224"$180
Best G-Sync 1080p 144Hz IPS MonitorLG 27GL650F-BLG-27GL650F-B27"$310
Best FreeSync 1080p 144Hz IPS MonitorAsus VG279QASUS VG279Q27"$280
Best Ultrawide 1080p 144Hz IPS MonitorLG 34GL750-BLG 34GL750-B34"$465

Best Entry-Level 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

AOC 24G2

Kicking things off, we have the incredible AOC 24G2 for only $180 (global stock/supply issues notwithstanding). AOC is not typically counted amongst the “best” display manufacturers out there; more often, they’re the defacto “budget” or “entry-level” option for gamers looking to save a buck. However, despite the meager price tag, especially considering the high-quality 24” 144Hz IPS panel on offer, AOC delivers with a sleek and modern design, a stand with full pivot, swivel, tilt, and height adjustment, a 1ms response time, solid default color accuracy, and adaptive sync compatibility.

With 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, and 1 VGA, you’ll be able to drive this display even if you’re still stuck on older hardware. Further, if you’re looking to get a multi-monitor setup, the AOC 24G2 is an excellent choice to keep costs down without needing to skimp on one or more of your displays.

Best G-Sync 1080p IPS Gaming Monitor


Next, for gamers looking to get the best performance with NVIDIA GPUs, we have the LG 27GL650F-B. With it, we can enjoy a 27” 144Hz IPS panel with HDR10 support, a 1ms response time, NVIDIA G-Sync Compatibility, motion blur reduction, a stand with full pivot, swivel, tilt, and height adjustment, 2 HDMI ports, and a DisplayPort.

LG is one of the world’s premier display manufacturers, and they didn’t skimp on the quality here with the 27GL650F-B, which comes in at around $310. While 27” displays are a little bit better suited for 1440p resolution, the increased real estate doesn’t go to waste at 1080p. You’ll get to enjoy a more substantial desktop experience without sacrificing gaming performance with low to mid-range GPUs. While the 27GL650F-B may be significantly more pricey than our AOC pick, it’s still priced reasonably enough for gamers to pick up a second one (perhaps at a later date) for a dual-monitor setup. That way, you can keep your VoIP program of choice or a video/music player up while you wait to load into your favorite games.

Best FreeSync 1080p IPS Gaming Monitor


Our penultimate pick for today is the Asus VG279Q at $280 for gamers with AMD GPUs. Again, we have a 27” 144Hz IPS panel with a 1ms response time, AMD FreeSync, a stand with full pivot, swivel, tilt, and height adjustment, a DVI port, HDMI port, and a DisplayPort. For under $300, gamers looking for a multi-monitor setup won’t take too big of a financial hit and will be able to enjoy one of the most well-rounded IPS gaming monitors on the market today.

Additionally, Asus offers its brand of power-saving, color, contrast, and brightness controls, as well as their Eye Care backlight technology, which reduces flicker and blur to minimize eye-strain during extended play sessions!

Best Ultrawide 1080p IPS Gaming Monitor

LG 34GL750-B

Finally, for gamers interested in a massive single-monitor setup, we have the LG 34GL750-B for around $465. This model sports a curved 34” 144Hz IPS panel with HDR 10 support, a 5ms response time (the standard real-world performance of most gaming monitors, even ones that advertise 1ms), NVIDIA G-Sync Compatibility, motion blur reduction, a height-adjustable stand, 2 HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and audio passthrough.

Not only can you enjoy some decent HDR experiences (in games that support it), but you’ll also still be able to achieve high frame rates with even modest GPUs despite the 34” size of this panel thanks to the 1080p resolution! Ultrawide is an excellent pick not just for immersive gaming experiences but fantastic and spacious workflows in editing and rendering software should you decide to try your hand at any sort of content creation as well.


There’s never been a better time for high-performance monitors, and gamers are finally lucky enough to enjoy much higher-fidelity picture quality in tandem with high refresh rates and low pixel response times without emptying their savings accounts! If you’re a member of the gaming majority, you’ll be thrilled with the insane amount of choices you have for advanced 1080p gaming displays.

Best Entry-Level 1080p 144hz Monitor: AOC 24G2 – One of the best 1080p IPS gaming displays on the market and also one of the cheapest. Arguably the best option to spring for if you want a multi-monitor setup with more than two screens.

Best G-Sync 1080p 144hz Monitor: LG 27GL650F-B – Enjoy peak performance with NVIDIA GPUs alongside the increased desktop real estate that comes with 27”, and minimal performance impact thanks to the 1080p resolution, for just over $300!

Best FreeSync 1080p 144hz Monitor: Asus VG279Q – The 2nd best pick for users looking for multiple screens, with AMD/Radeon FreeSync compatibility, and Asus’ various display technologies like Eye Care, and color/contrast/brightness profiles for under $300.

Best Ultrawide 1080p 144hz Monitor: LG 34GL750-B – By far, the best and most economical way to enjoy ultrawide at 1080p for immersive gaming and productivity experiences with a high refresh rate and low pixel response time. If you only want a single monitor but don’t want to be restricted to a somewhat small 24”, this is the way to go.

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