Mouse Grip Styles – Which Grip Style Is Best for You?

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best mouse grip styles
best mouse grip styles

When it comes to picking out the best mouse for you, a lot of factors come into play. But it mainly depends on your hand size and the weight of the mouse. However, the way you grip your mouse is also very important for a number of reasons. Having a less than appealing mouse grip will lead to carpal tunnel and is all around a bad idea. Using the right grip can also give you a competitive advantage in games. Keep in mind that this isn’t a case where one style fits all. In fact, it all depends on what types of games you mostly play, and most importantly; which grip is most comfortable for your hand.

While the exact way you grip a mouse can be subjective, you can narrow most styles down to the three most commonly used (and universally accepted) mouse grip styles. These are called the palm grip, claw grip, and tip grip.

Palm Grip

This is without a doubt the most popular mouse grip style of the three. The palm grip is achieved by essentially covering most of the mouse with your hand, with your thumb resting on the side buttons. The palm grip style is widely used for its naturally relaxed state and is used by over 50% of all mice users—not just gamers!

Apart from offering maximum comfort for your hand, the palm grip has other benefits as well. The overall relaxed grip allows you more control over your cursor. It allows your wrist to smoothly glide the mouse and make delicate movements in-game. The palm grip is more suited for longer mice that have an arching back to allow your palm to adequately rest.

While the palm grip style tends to offer the most support for your hand when using the mouse, playing games with fast repetitive movements for extended periods tends to cause discomfort along the wrist. Some examples of mice that can be used with the palm grip are the XTRFY M4, BenQ Zowie EC2-B, and the Logitech G Pro Wireless

Claw Grip

As its name suggests, the claw grip style is the most unconventional looking of the three. The claw grip requires you to rest your palm on the mouse while arching your hand up. Meaning that only your palm and the tips of your fingers are in contact with the mouse.

The claw grip style is commonly adopted by RTS and Action-RTS games—an increasingly popular genre. The claw grip allows for rapid movements and gliding your mouse over long distances, providing players with a fast sense of control.

With that said, the increased speed and reach of the claw grip means that you sacrifice precision. This means that the claw grip is not quite suitable for those who like to pull off 360 Kraber no-scopes on Apex Legends.

Mice that are designed for the claw grip style tend to be shorter with a more subtle back arch which improves agility. Some popular mice that complement well to the claw grip include the Logitech G Pro Wireless, the Razer DeathAdder V2, and Glorious Model O.

Tip Grip

The tip grip may be the most enthusiast-level grip style out there—and for good reason. The tip grip isn’t meant for the average gamer. Mostly due to how difficult it is to control the mouse at first. Out of the three main mouse grip styles, the tip grip has the least points of contact between your hand and the mouse. With the aid of only the fingertips, the entire mouse is moved fast in order to make rapid movements.

Since this grip style is all about speed, it helps to make sure that your mouse is as light as possible. The lighter the mouse, the faster you’ll be able to flick it. Furthermore, having rubberized or textured side grips allows you to securely hold the mouse with your fingers.

The tip grip is an excellent grip style that specializes in speed. It will get your cursor from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time. With that said, it can be a spectacularly difficult style to truly master. And since the tip grip requires you to have the bare minimum of contact points with the mouse, smoother and gliding movements that require more precision will not be possible.

Mice that are designed for the tip grip style are generally wired and in very lightweight construction. A few examples would be the Corsair KATAR, Logitech G Pro wired, and the Razer Orochi V2.  


There you have it, these are the three most prominent mouse grip styles that most gamers use. If you’re unsure of which grip style to go with, try practicing each to find out what works for you. There aren’t any set guidelines that prohibit you from mixing and matching in order to find something that you’re comfortable with. Furthermore, the right grip style for you also depends on the types of games you mainly play. Plus, if you really wanted to, you could even use multiples grip styles and switch between them depending on the game.

The bottom line is, there is no right way to grip a mouse, only your way. Everyone’s hands are shaped differently, and what works for one will not work for the other. Practice makes perfect, and once you’ve found the right grip—you’re only a stone’s throw away from vastly improving in your games.

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