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What Graphics Card Do I Have? Here’s How To Check

So, you’re looking through the specifications for a new game that you want to play, and it says that you need a certain type of graphics card. There are plenty of reasons that a user might not know what they have. Maybe your system was a gift or built by a friend. Or maybe it’s simply been so long since you built your PC that you have forgotten. Don’t worry, this guide is here to show you exactly how and where to find this crucial bit of information. It’s easy, and you will be able to quickly navigate to it should you ever need this information in the future.

Finding Your Graphics Card with Task Manager

There are two easy ways to find this information. The first way is to navigate to your computer’s task manager. This can be achieved by clicking on the start menu and typing in “task manager” or by hitting the Windows key (WIN) and “X” at the same time. A menu will appear with task manager being an option halfway down the list. 

Once you are in your task manager, click over to “Performance” and scroll down until you see the “GPU” option. The make and model of your GPU will be displayed in the top right corner of the menu. 

Finding Your Graphics Card with Device Manager

Any device interfacing with your computer can be found in the device manager menu of your PC. Simply type “Device Manager” into the search bar of your start menu and click on the icon that appears.

You should be greeted by a long list of headers with sections for every device on your computer. The option “Display adapters” will be towards the top of the list, as these devices are listed alphabetically. Click on that tab to reveal the make and model name of your graphics card.


There are the two easiest ways to find the make and model of your graphics cards. Unless you have a case with tempered glass panels, then you could just peer on in and see if your card has the name printed on the side of it. The methods listed above will make it a breeze to locate the type of GPU you have and help ensure that you have the right hardware for the game or software you are about to use.

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