Best Power Supplies (PSUs) for i7-9700k and i9-9900k Builds


One often overlooked component is the power supply. It’s not uncommon for builders to simply slap a 750-watt gold rated PSU into their build and move on. Therefore, I think it’s one of the biggest areas that the average builder could improve on. It’s not a trivial decision but is often treated that way.

To find the best power supply for your build, you must start by figuring out how much power you will need. One of the handiest tools for this is Outervision’s power supply calculator. Just plug your parts in and it will tell you how much wattage it will need. Overclockers should find out how much they could theoretically overclock and make sure to adjust in the calculator for that.

Remember if you plan to upgrade later, perhaps adding another video card for a multi-GPU setup or putting in a more powerful CPU, add that in when you are calculating your need. Once you know the wattage you will need, then it’s time to start shopping. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking.

Besides meeting the wattage requirement, the first thing to look out for is the 80+ efficiency rating. Do not get a power supply that does not have it. The standard 80+ white rating is sufficient, and anything higher is good too, although has severe diminishing returns (an 80+ platinum rated PSU will cost drastically more for relatively little improvement in efficiency).

The second thing to look for is that the 12 volt rail on the power supply provides enough amperage for your video card. Your video card will provide a minimum recommended amperage, make sure your power supply’s 12 volt rail provides at least 50% more than that.

This is the methodology I used to find 4 high-quality ATX power supplies I will review here for you. I used a hypothetical build for each, including either a 9700k or a 9900k, and I will describe how that power supply best fits that particular build. Each power supply has an 80+ rating, meets the amperage required for the graphics card, and has our desired wattage.

This article focuses on the ATX form factor PSUs for i9-9900K builds, so if you’re looking to do a mini-ITX/SFF build with the i7-9700K or i9-9900K, then I recommend checking out our SFX/SFX-L power supply buyers guide.

Our Recommendations

EVGA-SuperNOVA-G3-550W-80-Gold-PSU-for-i7-9700k-i9-9900kEVGA SuperNOVA G3 550W 80+ Goldprice check
Corsair RM1000i 80+ GoldCorsair RM1000i 80+ Goldprice check
EVGA-600-BQ-80-Bronze_-PSU-for-Intel-9700k-9900kEVGA 600 BQ 80+ Bronzeprice check
Cooler-Master-V1000-80-GoldCooler Master V1000 80+ Goldprice check
SEASONIC-SSR-850TDSeasonic Prime 850W Titanium (SSR-850TD)price check

1. EVGA SuperNOVA G3 550W 80+ Gold


For those looking not to overclock and are going for a conservative 9700k build, I’ve chosen a 550W power supply. The system this is for has a 9700k, a GTX1080 graphics card, an SSD, and an HDD. This particular power supply is a member of EVGA’s SuperNOVA line of power supplies, which is perhaps the most popular line of power supplies on the market. It is fully modular, making it a breeze to work with when building your PC.

With an 80+ gold rating, this power supply achieves an 87%+ efficiency under a full load, which is an excellent efficiency eclipsed only by the 80+ platinum and titanium designations. It also comes with EVGA’s great customer service, which is perhaps the best in the business. Finally, with ~46 amps on the 12v rail, it way more than meets the requirement for the GTX 1080. At $70, this is a great value, and being part of the SuperNOVA series means that you can get more powerful or less powerful SuperNOVA’s to fit your build’s need.

2 Corsair RM1000i 80+ Gold

Corsair RM1000i 80+ Gold

If you’re looking to overclock for gaming, this next build is for you. This power supply is for a 9700k, with a GTX 1080 Ti, a closed loop CPU cooler, 2 SSDs, and 2 HDDs.With ~83 amps on the 12v rail and 1000 watts, you can go ham overclocking both the CPU and the GPU. Corsair is a big name in the PC world, known for the quality of its products, and this power supply is no different.

This power supply is fully modular and has an 80+ gold rating, making it reliable and a cinch to build with. At ~$160, it’s a great bargain for a high wattage power supply, and a great choice for overclocking.

Pros – 80+ Gold, Fully Modular, ~83 amp 12v rail

Cons – Most expensive PSU on the list

3 EVGA 600 BQ 80+ Bronze


If you’d like to overclock the CPU but are not overclocking your GPU, you may find this power supply useful. This build has an overclocked 9900k, an RTX2070, a closed loop CPU cooler, 2 SSDs, and 2 HDDs. We’re going back to EVGA for this one to their budget line of power supplies. The BQ line of power supplies still offer many great features, with relatively few downsides.

This power supply is semi-modular, meaning only that the major power cables that every system needs are wired directly into the power supply, and then peripheral cables are modular. A very minor downside, and some may find it entirely irrelevant. With an 80+ bronze rating, this power supply achieves an efficiency of 82% at full load, only 5% less than the gold rated power supplies featured in this article. At $55, this is a steal, and will provide more than enough for most builders, including those looking to overclock their CPU.

Pros – Cheap, EVGA support

Cons – Semi-modular

4. Cooler Master V1000 80+ Gold


For those going for broke, in every sense of the word, Cooler Masters V1000 power supply will serve you well. This is for a build with an overclocked 9900k and RTX 2080 Ti, a closed loop CPU cooler, 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs. With 83 amps on the 12v rail, this power supply will overclock wonderfully. Add an 80+ rating and fully modular, it’s hard to find a flaw.

One thing to note about the V1000 is that this particular line of power supplies from Cooler Master is actually made by Sea Sonic, which is a renowned power supply manufacturer. There is no question of quality in this model. The only thing to consider with this power supply is that it is louder than other power supplies in its price range, although one must also note that it’s unlikely you’ll hear it over other system fans. However, if silence is important, you might consider the Corsair RM1000i reviewed earlier in this article.

Pros – 83 amp 12v rail, Fully modular, 80+ Gold

Cons – Loud

5. Seasonic Prime 850W Titanium –Best PSU for i9-9900K + RTX 2080 Ti Builds


If you’re looking to do a high-end build with the i9-9900K paired with the RTX 2080 Ti, this combination of CPU and GPU will unlikely draw north of 350-400W under average loads, even if overclocked. Many hardware review blogs noted that the 9900K pulled 330W when overclocked and 2080Ti pulls 280W under full load – totalling approximately 580W (minusing 30W from 330W due to GPU idle) under full load. With that said, a suitable and more than enough wattage for the i9-9900K and the RTX 2080 Ti would be 850W, operating at peak efficiency at around 50% load.

The best 850W PSU we would recommend for the i9-9900K + RTX 2080 Ti combo would be the Seasonic Prime 850W Titanium (SSR-850TD) with its impressively high efficiency under tough conditions, impressive ripple suspension and fully modular design. Although the SSR-850TD is not the cheapest 850W PSU out there, the price you pay for this PSU is justified in what it delivers and ensuring your new i9-9900K and RTX 2080 Ti build is getting the best power delivery possible.


It’s important to remember when shopping for a power supply to keep in mind your needs, and to look for the 80+ rating and 12v rail amperage your video card requires. In this guide, I’ve shown you 4 great power supplies for 4 different 9700k/9900k systems. If you find that your build will be different, you should use the calculator to find out how many watts your power supply need provide, and when you look, to stick to power supplies with the 80+ rating. Remember that whether you overclock, and even then, how far you will overclock can drastically change the wattage your system will require. Happy building!

If you’ve found this guide useful for your next i7-9700K/i9-9900K build – here are our other guides which recommend particular components for builds featuring these processors. For the i7-9700K we have recommended RAM, CPU coolers and motherboards – and for the i9-9900K we have a recommendation of various motherboards and CPU coolers to get the maximum performance out of this enthusiast-grade processor.

EVGA-SuperNOVA-G3-550W-80-Gold-PSU-for-i7-9700k-i9-9900kEVGA SuperNOVA G3 550W 80+ Goldprice check
Corsair RM1000i 80+ GoldCorsair RM1000i 80+ Goldprice check
EVGA-600-BQ-80-Bronze_-PSU-for-Intel-9700k-9900kEVGA 600 BQ 80+ Bronzeprice check
Cooler-Master-V1000-80-GoldCooler Master V1000 80+ Goldprice check
SEASONIC-SSR-850TDSeasonic Prime 850W Titanium (SSR-850TD)price check
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