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Rumor Mill: NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Super?

Best RTX 2080 Ti Aftermarket Cards
Best RTX 2080 Ti Aftermarket Cards

Nvidia loves its Super cards, and the newest leaks show hint Team Green may be finalizing its refresh by extending the Super boost to the 1660, and if rumors are right, the 2080 Ti. Nvidia has dominated the high-end gaming GPU market for years, even as AMD has made big progress in the mid-tier and budget-level graphics card area. But the 2080 Ti has stood alone at the top of the consumer GPU stack, kicking all of AMD’s offerings butt, even if that power comes with a significant price tag of $1000 or more.

Enter the RTX 2080 Ti Super?

An interesting listing from Inno3D, one of the major AIB Nvidia card producers, included a yet-unknown “2080 Ti Super” as one of the beneficiaries of an upcoming promotion. Many viewers saw this as Nvidia is doubling-down with the 2080 Ti Super, offering an update to the already strongest consumer card to reinforce its dominance for gamers looking to get the best of the best. AMD is rumored to have a competitor in the works (tentatively called the RX5800XT or RX5900XT), so the rumor mill saw this as Nvidia is wasting no time in cementing its lead with a quick Super counterpunch.

But Nvidia has in the past said that there will be no 2080 Ti Super, and that stance appears to be unchanged. Inno3D has since removed mention of the 2080 Ti Super, and there have been no new leaks since that indicate that Inno3D was on to something and Nvidia has decided to add a new top dog to its GPU stack.

What could we expect from the RTX 2080 Ti Super?

If the 2080 Ti Super does arrive, we would expect it to offer similar boost over the 2080 Ti as the 2080 Super added to the 2080: around ~10%. This would probably come by added to the TDP/power draw of the card and improving its efficiency slightly, but would probably not lead to a whole new die or chip. We would like see a small increase in CUDA cores based on higher yields, or maybe simply a higher clock speed.

Having said that, those type of minor improvements don’t really make sense for the 2080 Ti right now, which is likely why Nvidia is still saying there will not be one. There is no competition at the high-end (the Radeon VII is no-where near as powerful), so Nvidia likely does not seem to see the need to put money into improvement, instead choosing to invest in the next-gen Ampere cards. Of course, if AMD puts out a true competitor to the 2080 Super or 2080 Ti a la RX5900XT that we are hearing about, that might change.


We will keep updating this as we get new information, but based on what we can see now, the RTX 2080 Ti Super appears to be a dream. Inno3D likely made a mistake and out of habit or just ignorance included reference to a 2080 Ti Super. Now that is not for sure, and perhaps Inno3D has information that we do not and a 2080 Ti Super is coming, but we would expect other leaks to corroborate this soon if that’s the case. 

Until Nvidia makes an official announcement, we won’t know for sure, but based on the information today and the current lack of competition from AMD, a 2080 Ti Super just does not seem likely. So for any gamers out there thinking of buying a top-of-the-stack card, the 2080 Ti still seems to be a safe purchase for now.

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