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Asus VG27AQ vs Asus VG27BQ: What are the Key Differences?

Asus has been a mainstay in the competitive gaming market for quite some time, especially when it comes to budget-friendly gaming monitors. Their vast lineup of options delivers feature-rich displays that can give gamers a smooth experience and even a competitive edge when it comes to esports titles.

In this comparison guide, I’ll be taking a look at two similar displays from Asus’s line of TUF gaming displays: the VG27AQ and the VG27BQ. Despite only having one letter different in their product name, there are a few key differences that set these two displays apart. Sitting at the higher-end price bracket of enthusiast-level gaming monitors, these monitors are feature-rich and cover most of the options that gamers look for.


MonitorAsus VG27AQAsus VG27BQ
DesignASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ
Panel27” IPS27” IPS
Response Time1ms0.4ms
Refresh Rate165Hz165Hz
Brightness350 Nits350 Nits
Connectivity2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.22x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.2

Appearance & Stand – Tie

Both monitors sport identical matte black designs with a red ring accent on the bottom of the stand as well as a thin bezel design all the way around the display. Additionally, both monitors feature an ergonomic stand that can pivot and tilt past 60-degrees and features a height adjustment slider. It’s very easy to adjust both monitors to the viewing height and angle that will suit your configuration. 

Each stand has a notch for running cables through to ensure a clean and clear desk space. Users can pop the adjustable stand off of either display to gain access to standard 100x100mm VESA mounting holes that are compatible with most arm mounts. With identical aesthetics and designs, we’ll need to take a deeper look at the internal features to see what sets these two monitors apart.

 Resolution, Panel Type, Refresh Rate, & Peak Brightness –  Asus VG27BQ


The Asus VG27AQ and Asus VG27BQ are both 2560×1440 27-inch LED-backlit IPS panels with anti-glare matte finishes. With both having a high peak brightness of 350 nits, gaming and working on either display will be convenient and easy even in the brightest rooms. 

Asus boasts a refresh rate overclockable to upwards of 165Hz out of the box. If you’re unsure about overclocking your monitor, it is quite easy and accessible to do. You can check out our guide on overclocking hardware right here. 

Response time is where the Asus VG27BQ ekes out ahead with a staggeringly fast response time of 0.4ms. The Asus VG27AQ is still lighting-fast with a response time of just 1ms, but Asus kicked things up a notch with the “B” edition of this monitor to deliver even lower latency. That difference may be slight; However, competitive gamers will be pleased to have that additional competitive edge in fast-paced competitive titles.

Colors & Premium Features – Tie

The identical features continue into the color accuracy and coverage of these displays with both hitting 100% of the SRGB space and covering a total of 16.7 million display colors. The pair of monitors both have 1000:1 contrast ratios as well as dark “Shadow Boost” technology that makes blacks more realistic and immersive. Additionally, both monitors boast flicker-free technology, multi-HDR modes/HDR10, low motion blur, as well as adaptive-sync. All of these features are packed together to give gamers the smoothest, highest quality gaming experience possible.

Connectivity – Tie

The Asus VG27AQ and Asus VG27BQ sport identical connectivity options with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and a single DisplayPort 1.2. With these many premium features and a higher price point than other monitors of the same caliber, USB ports would have been a welcome addition. Unfortunately, users will have to go up in price or side-step to another brand to get a more robust I/O.

Price – Asus VG27BQ


With the slightly more robust feature set and faster response times, I expected the Asus VG27BQ to be the more premium option. Surprisingly, it comes in at $20-$30 less than its predecessor at an MSRP of right around $379.00. Meanwhile, the “A” variety of this monitor will run users $409.00. At a price point under $400, the Asus VG27BQ comes in as one of the best value 27-inch 1440p competitive gaming monitors on the market.

Verdict – Asus VG27BQ


Both monitors excel in terms of response time, viewing angles, color accuracy, and are packed with sought-after gaming features that users will enjoy. It’s a close call, which makes sense since these two displays are nearly identical in build quality and performance. But the Asus VG27BQ inches ahead as the better option out of the two due to its slightly faster response time and lower price point. Keep an eye out on sales, as these two monitors can often be seen swapping price points with one sometimes being lower than the other. Either one will be a solid addition or upgrade to your gaming station. For ideas as to what sort of PC you can pair with this monitor, take a peek at our extensive PC build guide with budget-focused tiers!

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