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Whether you’re a first-timer who’s finally been drawn into the wild world of DIY computers, or an experienced overclocker looking for up-to-date and accurate information to get the most out of your hardware, PremiumBuilds strives to facilitate the best possible building experience. It doesn’t matter if your budget is a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, we have you in mind, and you’ll be able to build a machine you can be proud of.

PC Part Lists

52 tailor-made PC builds curated by a team spanning decades of building experience. Customize them further as you please depending on your specific needs & requirements.


We dedicate our time to finding the best products for your next build and ensuring they’re compatible, high performance and offer great value. Read about our product selection criteria here.


We test parts in relation to their competitors and in circumstances in which you’d expect them perform well or would be disappointed if they didn’t. Learn about our testing methodology here.


Stuck between two similar models, or want to know the improvements of a new model versus its predecessor? We've got you covered with in-depth comparisons of popular PC parts and monitors.

How it works.

6 steps to building your dream PC.


Visit the PC Builder, and enter your maximum build budget in the left hand sidebar.


Select what you want your PC to excel at - be it gaming, video editing or a bit of everything!


Choose between 3 tiers: Bang-for-buck, sweet-spot or high-roller PC builds


Select the best PC build based on your specific needs, budget & requirements.


Extra budget spare? Upgrade with vetted components to make your perfect PC


Buy direct from our trusted retailers or get the parts from elsewhere - if you prefer!

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Use our build guides and videos to build your own PC.

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View our part recommendation guides for popular models, or by category


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Our databases will allow you to quickly and easily pinpoint the best component for your next rig.

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Wealth of Experience

Our small team spans decades of PC building experience, here to assist you in building your next PC. Learn more about the team here.

Welcome to all

Whether you're a first time or seasoned PC builder - or anything in between - we aim to help you on fine-tuning your next PC build, whatever your previous experience level.

Always looking to improve

We are always looking for new ways to improve our content. If you have any feedback, or perhaps a new feature idea, please get touch with us here.

Independent & Impartial

We’re independent, unbiased and fiercely focused on getting you the best PC for your needs. We’re not loyal to brands, we’re loyal to you.