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Whether you’re a first-timer who’s finally been drawn into the wild world of DIY computers, or an experienced overclocker looking for up-to-date and accurate information to get the most out of your hardware, PremiumBuilds strives to facilitate the best possible building experience. It doesn’t matter if your budget is a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, we have you in mind, and you’ll be able to build a machine you can be proud of.

PC Builds

Why pick our builds?

Many builders are just starting their journey down the road of PC enthusiasm, and many more simply aren’t interested in learning the ins and outs of the various parts needed to bring a machine together. 

Our staff dedicates hours of research to every build based on a given budget, specific component or components, or particular use case to ensure we make the most of every dollar you spend. 

PremiumBuilds makes the process of building your next machine as easy and accessible as possible.

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[/] Component Selection Guides

best motherboards for i9-10900k
best coolers for 3600xt

Already have some components in mind for your next build? Our team researches and compares the best and most popular options for everything from:


Graphics Card Database

Whether you’re looking for the most high-end hybrid GPU, feature-packed X570 motherboard or the best price-to-performance offering, our databases will allow you to quickly and easily pinpoint the best component for your next rig.

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